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13 Pumps – A Coffee Fight Scene

Here’s an action comedy short film (fight scene) that I made recently, about a guy who takes his coffee addiction too seriously! We came up with the name, 13 Pumps, during the filming process. Some people love their coffee creations

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WAKE UP JUICE, a new short from the Stunt People

Check out Wake Up Juice, this excitingly violent and well-made short film from San Francisco-based stunt group, The Stunt People! The Stunt People have been making high quality independent feature-length and short films for a while now, and I’ve written

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Site of the Week: The Stunt People

The Stunt People is an all-in-one independent action performer, filmmaker, and fan resource/news site. I have been following them for almost 5 years and they’re my recommendation for you to check out this week! This site, run by action artist

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Zombie makeup and my first car hit.

Another quick last weekend I worked on a pretty cool project for Rob Pinkston (coconut head from Ned’s Declassified). And I have to say, this was one of the best sets I’ve ever been on, and the best film

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“Young Blood” short fight film.

So, I just realized I never told you about my past projects! Let’s start with this one.. I moved out to Los Angeles almost two years ago, and last year my friends and I produced our first short film together.

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Rustic Bodomov

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