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Grayson webseries fundraiser drawing to a close

Over the last few weeks, Grayson Earth One has garnered a lot of online media attention. This Nightwing webseries with a twist has been featured on many websites such as IGN, FanDomania, FlickeringMyth, and even on The Hollywood Reporter among

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Whisper Gang photos released – Grayson: Earth One

On Friday night, photographer Jimmy Bui released some “off character” photos of the Whisper Gang from the set of the new Nightwing webseries, Grayson: Earth One. These pictures give us a glimpse of what these characters will look like in

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Grayson: Earth One premiers it’s Nightwing origin story!

On Sunday morning, P3 Productions released a pilot for their latest webseries. They call it Grayson: Earth One, and it is an origin story for the super hero known as “Nightwing”. I worked on this briefly, helping out choreograph and

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