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How to do a Front Handspring

Here is a write-up on my Front Handspring Tutorial! This is one of the first gymnastics moves that I learned..because it’s one of the simplest! So let’s get into the details of how to do a Front Handspring.. The Front

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Longevity in your Parkour Training

Longevity, responsibility, and sustainability.. Today I’d like to share an inspiring video with you and talk about the importance of sustainable practices in your parkour training. My example is Beau, the 47 year old freerunner from London, UK. Check out

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“80s Fitness” – Koan Sound music video shoot!

So this past weekend (Sep 14-16) I got the privilege of working with my awesome friends on the set of a music video for Koan Sound’s “80s Fitness”! My friend, Tim Hendrix, was the mastermind behind this video. (One of

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