LUA PHAT: Vietnam’s first Action Fantasy film

Lua Phat (“Once upon a time in Vietnam”) proclaims itself as Vietnam’s first Action Fantasy film. Brought to us by action actor and first-time director Dustin Nguyen, the film is set to be released on August 22, 2013.

Lua Phat, vietnamese action fantasy film poster

My friend Lee Golden, of FCSyndicate, turned me onto this project recently, and I’d like to share it with you.

Lua Phat was originally titled “Monk on Fire”, but the name was recently changed to “Once Upon a Time in Vietnam”. The action film is described as an “Eastern Western”, and features motorcycle-riding kung fu monks, an epic historical setting, and outstanding large-scale battles.

Watch the trailer for Lua Phat below.

“Once upon a time in Vietnam”, produced by the Vietnam Media Corp, spent 5 years in production. It was written and directed by Dustin Nguyen, who also played one of the lead roles. On May 17, a five minute introduction on “Lua Phat” and its two-minute trailer were shown at the Cannes film festival. It was pitched as Vietnam’s first fantasy action film, and is directed by Vietnamese-American director Dustin Nguyen, The showing attracted considerable attention and the president of the Weinstein Company, one of the US’ largest film distributors, said he couldn’t help but give the film a standing ovation.

Once upon a time in Vietnam movie poster

I’m excited to see this film when it comes out, and I will be closely watching their media campaign as the date draws near. As an action actor who also produces some of his own content, I am rooting for Dustin Nguyen’s film to do well and eventually get a US release.

Check out their links..
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This is the second Vietnamese action film I have written about. Read about CHO LON‘s international struggles here.



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