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How to do a Handstand (Tutorial)

Here is a write-up on the Handstand Tutorial I released last week.. Hey guys!! So I made another tutorial, this time it’s a breakdown of how to do a handstand! This is one of the most universal ‘moves’ that you

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Fast warmup routine for Martial Arts

Here is a quick warmup routine that you can follow if you need to warm up quickly for martial arts, breakdancing, tricking, or any other physical activity that requires you to be limber! Here is the breakdown in a list

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Grayson: Earth One premiers it’s Nightwing origin story!

On Sunday morning, P3 Productions released a pilot for their latest webseries. They call it Grayson: Earth One, and it is an origin story for the super hero known as “Nightwing”. I worked on this briefly, helping out choreograph and

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