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Stunt Reel 2017 – Rustic Bodomov

A stunt reel is something Stunt performers use in order to showcase their work to Stunt Coordinators and Producers who may be looking to hire them. We gather our work together from past footage, and spread it around our networks.

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My 10 year YouTube Anniversary!

HEY GUYS! January 22nd was my 10 YEAR youtube anniversary! That is amazing… Granted, I haven’t been working on the same channel the whole time, I skipped around quite a bit before I decided to focus on “Rustic B” 2

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Real Life Mario Kart 64 in Stop Motion!

We just made a Real Life Mario Kart 64 video! This is a sequel to the first Stop Motion Mario Kart that we did almost 2 years ago, but this time we included more items and effects! Check it out

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Assassin’s Creed vs Tomb Raider RAP BATTLE

Assassins Creed vs Tomb Raider face off in an epic rap battle?! YES, check it out! Lara Croft takes on Aguilar, and they face off in a LEGENDS OF GAMING epic rap battle. Who won? I obviously think that Aguillar

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How to Teleport: Action Filmmaking Tutorial

How to Teleport! Hey guys! Today I’m going to share with you, HOW TO TELEPORT like I did in my last video! First, here are the visual examples in my behind-the-scenes video.. read on for a more detailed explanation of

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Today I’m teaching you how to get hit by a car! I explain my favorite filmmaking method of doing a “car hit” stunt for my videos, using After Effects combined with a simple fall! FULL VIDEO COMING TOMORROW! DOUCHEBAG PARKING

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LUKE AIKINS jumps 25000 ft without a parachute!!

Stuntman Luke Aikins just made History by jumping 25,000 feet without a parachute! He landed in a specially designed and tested net, which was held up by four cranes. Luke Aikins is a world class stuntman, who has worked as a skydiver

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Wrath of the Fruit Ninja – Finger Games 2

The real FRUIT NINJA is a little more serious than his video game counterparts.. just a little. Episode 2 of our webseries “The Finger Games” is out! More stunts, action, comedy, and ridiculous imaginary weapons than last time!! Check it

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Street Fighter stop motion Fight

Street Fighter V just came out, so my friends and I thought we would make a stop motion fight video tribute to celebrate! CHARLIE NASH challenges RYU (Rustic) to a Stop Motion Street Fighter battle!! We can’t wait for Street

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Stop Motion Mortal Kombat – Fight Scene

Stop Motion Mortal Kombat Check out our first stop motion Fight Scene! My stunt friends and I love to make stop motion videos with stunts in them, often about gaming.. We give you.. Stop Motion Mortal Kombat! Below is a

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Santa Clarita Stuntman turned Youtube Creator

Rustic B talks YouTube Youtube has exploded in the last few years. Top “youtubers” (people who make youtube videos) are now appearing on the Forbes earning lists, so we decided to ask a friend of ours who is based in

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Stop Motion Ice Skating Christmas

Stop Motion Ice Skating? YES! We have done it again! It’s Christmas time, and we have just released our newest live action stop motion video! We used the film making technique called “stop motion animation”, which was used back in

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Stop Motion Kart – Mario Kart 64 in real life!

Stop Motion Kart? Yes! Imagine if you could bring your favorite childhood games to life.. well, that’s what my friends and I just did with Mario Kart from the Nintendo 64! We used the film making technique called “stop motion

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How to do a Handstand (Tutorial)

Here is a write-up on the Handstand Tutorial I released last week.. Hey guys!! So I made another tutorial, this time it’s a breakdown of how to do a handstand! This is one of the most universal ‘moves’ that you

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Chex Mix National Commercial

Hey guys, today I’d like to share with you my first ever national commercial! Back in May, I landed a role in a national commercial for Chex Mix. It started airing on TV several weeks ago, and you can check

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Rustic Bodomov

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