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Stunt Reel 2017 – Rustic Bodomov

A stunt reel is something Stunt performers use in order to showcase their work to Stunt Coordinators and Producers who may be looking to hire them. We gather our work together from past footage, and spread it around our networks.

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Stunt Showreel and updates for 2014

I just finished my Stunt showreel that I will be using to get jobs in Hollywood in 2014! Check it out below.. One of the biggest dilemmas about working in the action film industry (and the entertainment business in general)

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Epic Chick Fight slams Family Guy into the real world.

Epic Chick Fight is an extremely, brutally entertaining new fight scene from director Leo Kei Angelos. The youtube video is a live action epic Family Guy chicken fight, filmed with two ferocious females! The video is based on several of

Grayson webseries fundraiser drawing to a close

Over the last few weeks, Grayson Earth One has garnered a lot of online media attention. This Nightwing webseries with a twist has been featured on many websites such as IGN, FanDomania, FlickeringMyth, and even on The Hollywood Reporter among

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DAEDALUS: a new spin on the Mirror’s Edge universe

‘Mirror’s Edge: DAEDALUS’ is the title for an upcoming webseries being produced by Michael Lehr and Oscar Leiva. The production team is putting a unique spin on the massive parkour & freerunning game franchise developed by EA games in 2008.

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LUA PHAT: Vietnam’s first Action Fantasy film

Lua Phat (“Once upon a time in Vietnam”) proclaims itself as Vietnam’s first Action Fantasy film. Brought to us by action actor and first-time director Dustin Nguyen, the film is set to be released on August 22, 2013. My friend

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AfterBuzzTV interviews Teen Wolf stunman Chris Tardieu

My friend, stuntman Christopher Tardieu, shared this link with me today. One of his recent projects involved a recurring stunt job for the hit MTV show Teen Wolf. While I don’t particularly watch the show, I thought I’d share this

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Whisper Gang photos released – Grayson: Earth One

On Friday night, photographer Jimmy Bui released some “off character” photos of the Whisper Gang from the set of the new Nightwing webseries, Grayson: Earth One. These pictures give us a glimpse of what these characters will look like in

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CHO LON (intense martial art film) banned in Vietnam: Worldwide consequences

According to popular action film news blog Film Combat Syndicate, a highly anticipated Vietnamese martial arts action film has been banned by the Vietnam censorship board! Government censorship at its finest, people. On Friday morning, global cinema news site

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