Stunt Reel 2017 – Rustic Bodomov

A stunt reel is something Stunt performers use in order to showcase their work to Stunt Coordinators and Producers who may be looking to hire them. We gather our work together from past footage, and spread it around our networks. A common running time for a stunt reel is around 1 minute. This lets us showcase our movement and talent abilities without boring the viewer, as casting directors and stunt coordinators often don’t have too much time on their hands when looking to hire people.

As an example, here is my current stunt reel:

Along with a stunt reel, a stuntman needs to also have a good headshot and stunt resume. With these tools, we go “hustle” sets and introduce ourselves to the stunt coordinator. The key to a good hustle is to show up looking professional, have your resume handy, and don’t hang around too much. Just be professional, get in, say hi, and get out.

Stunts is a dangerous job which must be done safely for both the people doing the job, and the production insurance. This produces a tightly knit group of professionals who rely on knowing each other’s strengths to get the job done. The stunt community is therefore a hard shell to crack for anyone first starting out, as you have the catch-22 situation of wanting to gain trust by working jobs, but not being able to work jobs until people trust you. This is where having a good reel and a good personality comes in.

If you are a person who wants to get into stunts, be prepared to do A LOT of networking. There are stunt networking events and parties you will find out about once you start meeting people and asking questions. Bring your best self, and BE HONEST. You don’t want to fake your way into a job that you can’t physically do.

If you are a filmmaker who wants to find a good stunt performer / coordinator ask around your friends first, then be prepared to do some of your own searching. Stunt Reels are also a good way to find coordinators, as many stunt performers (after about 5 years experience) will start having coordinator credits show up on their IMDB and resumes. Hiring a stunt coordinator is the safest move when you are planning any sort of action in your project, as they will be able to provide the knowledge and equipment for everything to go smooth and safely. Also, a stunt coordinator may be able to help you out with how to film your action.

And with this I want to say thanks for reading, and feel free to send me any questions by email or a comment on my youtube videos! I just started releasing an action filmmaking tutorial series, which will focus on everything stunt related. We are currently teaching how to film a fight scene

I’m very happy with how this year’s stunt reel turned out, and I’m looking forward to the work I have ahead of me in 2017!

This year my stunt reel has footage from:
– Grimm (TV show)
– Smosh: The Movie (movie)
– Mighty Med (TV Show)
– Six Gun Savior (movie)
– Six Feet Down Under (webseries)
– Primal (video)
– Dark Agent (video)
– Pokemon Go vs Street Fighter (video)
– Parkour Pacman (video)
– Levi’s Jeans (spec commercial)
– Madden 2016 (promo)

Here is my IMDB:

If you’re new to my site, I am a Los Angeles based stuntman, and I specialize in fight choreography, parkour, wirework, wrecking, judo, taekwondo, and martial arts tricking. Watch my stunt reel below and leave me some love on my main focus, youtube!

Thanks for watching, and watch out for more videos to come soon! 😉

Rustic Bodomov stunt reel 2017


Rustic Bodomov is a Hollywood Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, who shares his experiences in the action film industry. He also creates instructional and entertainment YouTube content under the name Rustic B

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  • Coban Shaw

    I saw Mighty Med in there too!

    • Rustic Bodomov

      Good catch, thank you!