Street Fighter stop motion Fight

Street Fighter V just came out, so my friends and I thought we would make a stop motion fight video tribute to celebrate! CHARLIE NASH challenges RYU (Rustic) to a Stop Motion Street Fighter battle!!

Rustic B as Ryu vs Tim Neff as Charlie Nash, in Street Fighter V in Real Life, stop motion video!

We can’t wait for Street Fighter V to come out! Tim and I grew up playing a bunch of fighting games, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Super Smash Bros..and when I hit him up to play Charlie Nash from Street Fighter, he jumped on the opportunity! Check out the video below, and leave us a comment on the page! Keep reading for more behind the scenes details 😉

Our premise was simple.. Charlie Nash of Street Fighter jumps out of nowhere, anime style, and challenges me to a Tekken style fight match! I had no choice, but to don Ryu’s uniform and have a go at him! We made our own versions of the HADOKEN (Hadouken), Sonic Boom, Tragedy Assault, Tatsumaki, Shoryuken, and even a KAMEHAMEHA from Dragon Ball Z, to end it all! All VFX done with After Effects 🙂

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HUGE thank you to EVERYONE involved in this video! To my friend Tim Neff, who cosplayed as Charlie Nash. To my friend Mason Fleet for filming, and to Mary for keeping everyone hydrated and for filming the Behind the Scenes!

Stop Motion Mortal Kombat –
Stop Motion Mario Kart –
Stop Motion Skateboard –
Stop Motion Ice Skating –
Stop Motion Surfing –

Rustic Bodomov, Tim Neff, Mason Fleet, and Mary Vincenti! Crew picture from Street Fighter V

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Rustic Bodomov is a Hollywood Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, who shares his experiences in the action film industry. He also creates instructional and entertainment YouTube content under the name Rustic B

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