Real Life Mario Kart 64 in Stop Motion!

We just made a Real Life Mario Kart 64 video! This is a sequel to the first Stop Motion Mario Kart that we did almost 2 years ago, but this time we included more items and effects!

Check it out below:

We had a ton of fun making this real life mario kart video.. Kyle (stop motion camera) and I scouted the location for this Mario Kart race a couple of months ago. Then, I wrote up a simple shot list with ideas for items I wanted to include, and set the project on the shelf… with the new year approaching though, I got inspired and assembled the troops for the shoot!

Real Life Stop Motion Mario Kart power up boxes, green shell, and a banana. Nintendo 64 style video items!

The filming of Stop Motion Mario Kart took 6 hours total. The editing process (adding sound effects, visual effects, colors, music) took me 2 days. That’s an improvement from the first video (below), which took me 3 days to edit!

BTW if you’re curious, check out the first Stop Motion Mario Kart that we did a while ago, which inspired this one! (You can read an article about the first one here..)

I was happy that I finally got to include pixelated looking item boxes, green shell, and a banana! I made these video game items myself, when I got inspired to schedule the video shoot. Nintendo 64 was my favorite console, and I wanted the items to have that Mario Kart 64 retro feeling..

The Star Power effects was achieved by changing shirts every two frames. I had the idea to do this effect on the first Stop Motion Mario Kart video, and I was happy to finally try it out on this one 🙂

Real Life Mario Kart. Rustic B and Shay Gibson race in this stop motion mario kart race with power up boxes, green shell, and a banana. Nintendo 64 style video items in real life mario kart!

HUGE thanks goes out to my friend, actor Shay Gibson, for racing me in this whacky real life Mario Kart 64 race. This was Shay’s first ever stop motion video, and I think he did a fantastic job! Check out his instagram @shaytgibson

My friend Tim Neff (Nash from our Street Fighter Video) came out on the day to help out also, along with my wonderful girlfriend Mary Vincenti!! Thank you for your help guys, we couldn’t have achieved this without you!

2017 is going to be an amazing year, I can feel it. I’m committing to uploading a new video every week this year, and putting in some consistent work, and I am already seeing the positive patterns starting to unfold. What video do you guys want to see next?

Thanks for watching Stop Motion Mario Kart, leave us a comment on the video, share if you feel like it, and see you on the next one!

– Rustic


Rustic Bodomov is a Hollywood Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, who shares his experiences in the action film industry. He also creates instructional and entertainment YouTube content under the name Rustic B

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