My 10 year YouTube Anniversary!


January 22nd was my 10 YEAR youtube anniversary! That is amazing…

Granted, I haven’t been working on the same channel the whole time, I skipped around quite a bit before I decided to focus on “Rustic B” 2 years ago.. but this means I’ve been making videos for 10 years! Wow…

Rustic B celebrates his 10 year youtube anniversary

What follows is a summary of my Youtube Journey.. 🙂

It all started with “kellock71” (my current channel). One of my first videos, before I had a video camera, was a stop motion project called Origami Rave:

After playing around for a while, I started teaching myself Parkour (in order to make what I thought were “cooler” youtube videos), and I made friends! I got some people together from an online Martial Arts Tricking forum and we started a “tricking team” (which didn’t get too far..) but we had a showreel!

Then I moved to Scotland for college, and started a Parkour team over there, where I taught classes twice a week for 3 years. We had Parkour meetups from all over the country, and were featured in some newspapers..I made a TON of friends and learned a lot about filmmaking. Here’s a channel I ran to document everyone’s progress, and our Parkour Jams:

As I progressed in my filmmaking, I started wanting to play around with Action and Comedy skits.. so my friends Andrew Keiller, Sam Lewis and I created Kouro Media! (note the name similarity from “Team Kouro” above.. Kouro means “the way” in japanese). This channel got subscribed by Ubisoft when we made a parody webseries about “assassins creed”, and it was a pleasant creatively experimental space for all of us:

Pokemon Go vs Street Fighter fight scene with Rustic B and Darren Holmquist

Kouro Media got me to start doing action and fight scenes, and I soon stumbled onto Eric Jacobus’ stunt people forums.. where I got inspired to move to Los Angeles to pursue stunts as a career. I made the move in May 2011, and quickly met a group of guys who were in a small stunt team. We started hanging out and training, and I quickly created a YouTube channel for us, where I was putting showreels, training days, and fight scenes. Urban Fist TV:

Over the next couple of years, my focus shifted away from youtube and onto my stunt career. I learned a lot, and collected footage from training and working. During this time I was putting up showreels on what is now “Rustic B”, and I also made a second channel with my full name, to show my parkour/martial arts progress.. that’s right here:

I then worked for a while as an editor for my friend Brady Romberg, and I started the channel “Action Academy” for him. I filmed/edited a couple featurettes with Johnny Nitro (of WWE fame), which helped raise money for a feature film we produced 🙂

At the end of 2014 I worked for my friend Shawn Crowder on SMOSH: The Movie, and got inspired to get back into youtube. Youtube has been my passion, and i realized it was the driving force behind what I was doing for the 7 years prior.. so I went back to my smallest channel, kellock71, and I renamed it with my abbreviated name “Rustic B”. I am still contemplating changing the name to something more easily remembered (open to ideas).. but I am very happy to say that this channel is here to stay 🙂

Rustic B (note the URL):

Rustic B celebrates his 10 year youtube anniversary

In 2017 I am aiming to create one video per week, and I want to grow both as a skilled creator, and as an influencer. I am SO grateful for all of the wonderful people I got to collaborate with last year, and to everyone who has been helping me on my journey.

THANK YOU for watching and sharing my content. Thank you for your motivation and helping me learn. THANK YOU and LET’S CONTINUE TO GROW!

Here’s to another 10 years!

– Rustic

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Have a wonderful day everyone!


Rustic Bodomov is a Hollywood Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, who shares his experiences in the action film industry. He also creates instructional and entertainment YouTube content under the name Rustic B

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