LUKE AIKINS jumps 25000 ft without a parachute!!

Stuntman Luke Aikins just made History by jumping 25,000 feet without a parachute! He landed in a specially designed and tested net, which was held up by four cranes. Luke Aikins is a world class stuntman, who has worked as a skydiver in the iconic Ironman 3 sequences.

Skydiving is already intense, but he did this jump without a parachute, without a wingsuit, and without any sort of protection except for the clothes on his back!

Luke Aikins is 42 years old, with over 18,000 jumps under his belt. He has been jumping for a LONG time, and had a very capable team surrounding him during the attempt.

I have heard about this stunt being set up, for almost a year now, rumours about it permeated the stunt community. Everyone was anxious to see what would happen, some were scared. BUT WE ARE ALL SO HAPPY HE DID IT!!

In the modern days of visual effects getting better and better, these sorts of stunts are needed less and less for movies.. but it is extremely fascinating watching someone like Luke Aikins do his thing! He is like a modern Evel Knievel, reminds me of Felix Baumgartner.

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Rustic Bodomov is a Hollywood Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, who shares his experiences in the action film industry. He also creates instructional and entertainment YouTube content under the name Rustic B

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