Grayson webseries fundraiser drawing to a close

Over the last few weeks, Grayson Earth One has garnered a lot of online media attention. This Nightwing webseries with a twist has been featured on many websites such as IGN, FanDomania, FlickeringMyth, and even on The Hollywood Reporter among others! Now, with less than two days to go, their fundraising stage is drawing to a close.

Grayson: Earth One poster for the Nightwing webseries.

Grayson: Earth One’s IndieGoGo campaign has raised almost $10,000 dollars over the course of the last month, the FB page has gathered over 1500 fans, and the pilot episode of the series has attracted almost 150,000 views! You can watch the first episode below.

This project has even managed to catch the eye of Stan Lee, himself!

As part of the stunt team on Grayson, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who has helped us get this far! Thanks to you guys, the production will be able to fund a couple of more episodes..but they could still use your help! If you could share the link to the IndieGoGo page and help us through the final push through these last two days, there is still a chance the project could meet its funding goal!

If you’d like to read more about the project, click below to..
Find out more about the story
Check out the Whisper Gang photoshoot
Follow the Project on FB
Share the IndieGoGo page

Thanks again everyone, from us to you!

Rustic B, Peter Jang, Mason Sharrow, Jerry Quill as part of the Whisper Gang for the Nightwing webseries, Grayson: Earth One. Underground Korean boy band style.

(^^^That’s our Korean boy band look^^^)

– Rustic


Rustic Bodomov is a Hollywood Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, who shares his experiences in the action film industry. He also creates instructional and entertainment YouTube content under the name Rustic B

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