STUNTMAN Eddie Braun jumps SNAKE RIVER CANYON, Evel Knievel legacy!

Stuntman Eddie Braun jumps Snake River Canyon!

Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun just jumped over the iconic Snake River Canyon! Evel Knievel attempted this stunt over 40 years ago, but his parachute deployed too early. Today, Eddie completed Evel Knievel’s legacy!

Here is the video:

Eddie Braun invested over 3 years, and around 1.6 million dollars of his own money into researching, building, testing, and accomplishing this iconic daredevil stunt!

The ramp that he launched off of was 10 stories high, he flew 2000 feet in the air, reaching 430mph in just 3.9 seconds! Stunts like these are extremely dangerous, and Eddie prepared for the worst outcomes by paying his bills and making his peace with people in advance.. and knowing all this, it was a very heart-wrenching stunt for me to watch.

Eddie Braun jumped snake river canyon, a stunt the Evel Knievel attempted over 40 yrs ago.

I know Eddie through the Hollywood stunt community, and I have watched him post about this attempt on facebook over the last several months. As a stuntman, I found this stunt VERY inspiring. It’s honestly amazing to watch a fellow member of the stunt community achieve his childhood dream, and to see the outpouring of positive energy from the whole stunt community!

Eddie Braun named his rocket “Evel Spirit”, to honor his childhood hero, Evel Knievel.

This stunt comes just a month after another stuntman, Luke Aikins, jumped out of an airplane without a parachute to land safely in a net 36,000 ft below.

I don’t see myself performing any stunts at this level in the future, but it is very inspiring to see my stunt brothers accomplishing these feats of human bravery!

Eddie Braun reached 430 miles per hour in under 3.9 seconds, and flew 2000 ft up in the air in his rocket named Evel Spirit


Rustic Bodomov is a Hollywood Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, who shares his experiences in the action film industry. He also creates instructional and entertainment YouTube content under the name Rustic B

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