Assassin’s Creed vs Tomb Raider RAP BATTLE

Assassins Creed vs Tomb Raider face off in an epic rap battle?! YES, check it out!

Lara Croft sexy cosplay by Susie Abromeit, in the Assassins Creed vs Tomb Raider RAP BATTLE!

Lara Croft takes on Aguilar, and they face off in a LEGENDS OF GAMING epic rap battle.

Who won? I obviously think that Aguillar kicked Tomb Raider’s butt as Cal Lynch of Assassins Creed.. but I am biased, because that was me 😉 Make sure you go vote by leaving a comment on the video!

Since about this video, I just thought I would add some more details for you. An inside scoop!

Here is a VLOG I made, showing you how we filmed our Assassins Creed vs Tomb Raider rap, which I posted to my youtube channel: ASSASSINS CREED vs TOMB RAIDER (BTS)

Assassins Creed Rap cosplay by Rustic B, in the Assassins Creed vs Tomb Raider RAP BATTLE!

We had a lot of fun filming Assassin’s Creed vs Tomb Raider, and I enjoyed filming this Behind the Scenes vlog! On day one, we hiked up into a remote cave to film Lara Croft’s rap, followed by me going to a stunt gym called JAM to train my flips for the next day.

Day 2 was filmed on a rooftop in downtown LA, for the Assassin’s Creed part of the rap. Mary came with me, and we had an awesome day! I got an assassins creed face tattoo put on by the makeup artist Whitney, and after donning my Assassin costume, I was ready to go!

After we filmed the first part of the rapping, I got to show off some of my skills with rooftop flips, parkour, freerunning, and tricking moves! The moves I did were: Backflip, Gainer (kick the moon), Aerial, Roundoff Rlashkick, Wallflip, and the combo was Hook – Tornado – Hook – Aerial Cartwheel.

Rustic B doing an Aerial Cartwheel parkour move in his Assassin cosplay from Assassins Creed vs Tomb Raider rap battle.

Thank you so much for watching my newest collaboration! It was a blast bringing the Assassin’s Creed Rap, as the main assassin on this video. One of the first comedy videos I ever made was a parody of Assassin’s Creed called “Assassination for Dummies”, that we made back in scotland.. Here’s an obscure trip down memory lane, if you’re interested: LINK

Thank you all so much for watching our Assassins Creed Rap, and thank you to everyone who has supported me this far! Life is a beautiful thing, and I am so happy that it has come full circle. When I first started making comedy videos, I made a parody webseries of Assassin’s Creed called “Assassination for Dummies” for Kouro Media

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Check out my friend Duo’s reaction!

Rustic B doing a wallflip freerunning move in his Assassin cosplay from Assassins Creed vs Tomb Raider Legends of Gaming rap battle.

Assassins Creed Aguilar – RUSTIC BODOMOV
Tomb Raider Lara Croft – SUSIE ABROMEIT
Director – ADAM ARNALI
Cinematographer – MAX BINGHAM
Associate Producer & My Love – MARY VINCENTI

HUGE THANKS to director Adam Arnali for having me play a part in his epic project, I’ve always wanted to play the main Assassin’s Creed character, and I finally got to do my first rap video! Check out Adam’s channel here, and SUBSCRIBE: (let him know I sent you)


“Frontier” by DOCTOR VOX
“Glue 70” by CASIN
“Sunday Afternoon” by Jeff Kaale
“I Wish” from the Casey Neistat vlog music playlist
“Ark” by Shipwreck & Zookeepeers
“Skate” by JEFF KAALE
“Crystal Clouds” by PHANTOM SAGE


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Rustic Bodomov is a Hollywood Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator, who shares his experiences in the action film industry. He also creates instructional and entertainment YouTube content under the name Rustic B

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