Month: June 2013

Site of the Week: The Stunt People

The Stunt People is an all-in-one independent action performer, filmmaker, and fan resource/news site. I have been following them for almost 5 years and they’re my recommendation for you to check out this week! This site, run by action artist

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LUA PHAT: Vietnam’s first Action Fantasy film

Lua Phat (“Once upon a time in Vietnam”) proclaims itself as Vietnam’s first Action Fantasy film. Brought to us by action actor and first-time director Dustin Nguyen, the film is set to be released on August 22, 2013. My friend

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Martial Arts Tricking: A Beginner’s Resource

So you want to learn the awesome art of Martial Arts Tricking? Well you’ve come to the right place! Below you will find a list of resources to get you kicking, flipping, and twisting on your way to being a

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AfterBuzzTV interviews Teen Wolf stunman Chris Tardieu

My friend, stuntman Christopher Tardieu, shared this link with me today. One of his recent projects involved a recurring stunt job for the hit MTV show Teen Wolf. While I don’t particularly watch the show, I thought I’d share this

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Barrio Brawler: The Asylum’s gritty answer to the Undisputed series

Barrio Brawler, a gritty mixed martial arts fight film to be released on June 25th, premiered their trailer Tuesday on the film news site The central story revolves around a martial arts instructor who is forced to fight in

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Site of the Week: The Action Elite

The Action Elite, a very well rounded and well run action film resource website, wins the title of “site of the week” and my recommendation for you guys to check out next! This awesome site gives you the complete action

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Whisper Gang photos released – Grayson: Earth One

On Friday night, photographer Jimmy Bui released some “off character” photos of the Whisper Gang from the set of the new Nightwing webseries, Grayson: Earth One. These pictures give us a glimpse of what these characters will look like in

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CHO LON (intense martial art film) banned in Vietnam: Worldwide consequences

According to popular action film news blog Film Combat Syndicate, a highly anticipated Vietnamese martial arts action film has been banned by the Vietnam censorship board! Government censorship at its finest, people. On Friday morning, global cinema news site

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Travel Blog 6/6/13

For the next couple of weeks I will be visiting my amazing home town, Pittsburgh, PA. I have been to many places around the world, and I love travel..but it feels so amazing to take a break for the first

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Jackie Chan’s mark on Hollywood

World famous action star and martial artist, Jackie Chan, has been an inspiration to billions of people around the world. On Thursday June 6, at 11am, Jackie will leave his hand and foot print at the famous TCL Chinese theater

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“Link’s Shadow” by Corridor Digital captures Dark Link

Yesterday morning, the popular Youtube channel CorridorDigital released their newest video..a really well made portrayal of Dark Link, they dubbed “Link’s Shadow, The Legend of Zelda”. Being one of their subscribers, I naturally clicked over to see what it was

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Site of the Week: Film Combat Syndicate

It is with great pleasure, that today I present to you with the Film Combat Syndicate blog (an answer to action movie junkies’ prayers everywhere)! I have been following these guys for the last couple of months, and I am

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Grayson: Earth One premiers it’s Nightwing origin story!

On Sunday morning, P3 Productions released a pilot for their latest webseries. They call it Grayson: Earth One, and it is an origin story for the super hero known as “Nightwing”. I worked on this briefly, helping out choreograph and

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